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We have a number of award winning script and screenwriters within out company, who work quickly and efficiently.

We have written TV pilots through to Features films  for a variety of producers and commissioners.

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For our own devised work, our mandate is to seek out new stories from new voices and give them a platform.

Script Development

One of the first places most writers experience getting feedback on their work is from an independent script editor or consultant.

Hiring a script development professional to help you develop your project is worth the investment because their focus is to help you make the script the best version of itself that it can be.

There’s no boss they’re trying to impress, no gap in a development slate they’re trying to squeeze your project into, it really is all about helping you improve your script.

You want honest but constructive feedback so look for someone whose approach to working with writers is a good fit for you and who is there to support and develop both you and the project

Being able to take on board their notes is a great first step. But even with your no-agenda screenwriting coach you might not agree with everything they have to say about your script. So how do you know which notes to address? I’m a great believer in instinct. Do the notes feel right? Do they chime with what you’re trying to do? Often, it’s a daunting prospect because of the sheer amount of work the rewrite to address the notes will take, but usually you know it needs to be done.

If it feels like the right thing to do, even if your heart initially sinks at the thought of the hours it will take, then make those changes.

A Freelance Scriptwriter In The North

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"Both a strategic and effective implementer, with boundless energy, optimism and a 'can do' nature that is infectious and motivating to those around her. Open, effective, highly adaptable and pragmatic. Driven by outcomes rather than ego, she is a team player who can both see the vision and get you there." – Founder, Mahlab Media

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“Having worked with Fiona both in a corporate and consulting environment I found her to be one of the most intelligent and capable people I know. Everything she does is done with passion and commitment.” - Founder, Leisure Consultancy

quote light on a script-writer's website

"Fiona is a highly creative and innovative who is always ready to help others to reach the next level. She is an inspiring person to work with as she looks outside of the box while always keeping her eye on the horizon and the bottom line." – Founder & Publisher Leisure & Culture

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We create and develop theatre and film scripts, radio, video and TV scripts. We also produce theatre, films and boutique theatre & film festival events.


RT @WorksWithWords Rewatching Happy Valley 1 & 2 ready for Series 3. Truly my platonic ideal of a TV drama. Gritty AF. Sharp dialogue. Proper actors. The West Riding giving it all that Wuthering Heights shit. And I bet nobody asked Ms. Wainwright "Yes, but do you think Catherine is likeable?"

About a year ago

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